Lower Denomination Online Fruit Machines

Given the vast amount of competition in the online casino industry, these companies are getting more and more aggressive in their offering of games such as fruit machines. Nowadays players are able to find more games with diverse themes, betting options and other features that can be enjoyed by many different types of slot gamblers. Online casino software providers continue to give their customers better and more innovative fruit machines like for example those games that give players

Massachusetts Likely to Expand Online Gambling Bill

People who love to gamble or play free online slots are everywhere and they’re not going to go without a fight. According to a recent communication, a passage of the Massachusetts gambling expansion bill is looking like very much a possibility and the focus moves from the three casinos and the slot parlor to smaller issues. This past month of September, members of the state House of Representatives debated a number of amendments that have been proposed already regard

More Online Casino News from the US

There’s always something going on when referring to the online casino world. Sometimes this may be for the better and good news about legalization moving towards the right direction, but other times things are looking bleak. However, those who love to play free online casino slots are always looking at the bright side and most of all like to be informed at all times of every step of the way of this important battle. For americans, discussions always seem to be on the table regarding

Online Slots Basics

Online slot machine games have become increasingly popular with slot players all over the internet. Even though these games look simple, there is much more than pushing the spin button and collecting your winnings. This process is much more intricate and has many variables that can really change the outcome of the game.


A typical slot machine has between 3 to 5 reels. Each reel has different paylines and each section of the payline is covered with

Online Slot Machines Tips

Winning at online slots games is not as difficult as you may have initially thought it would be. There are a few basic and simple tips about online writing paper slot machines that make it easier for players to understand the inner works of these games and hopefully score a lot at the end of the day. These tips will help correct some inaccurate assumptions that you may have about how online slot machines work.
Here are some important tips you may want to follow before playing slot

Online Casinos in NJ to Cause WTO Problems

New Jersey is close to being the first state in the United States to have a real and solid chance at becoming the first state to explicitly legalize online casino gambling in hopes of keeping New Jersey’s weak casino industry afloat. However, these efforts could possibly cause some problems with the World Trade Organization. The online gambling bill would allow New Jersey residents and international players to enjoy online casino games in the state and may be passed before the end of

Online Casinos and Fraud

It’s no secret that there’s a huge stigma surrounding online casinos which suggests that these are shady places and are dangerous for players or casino enthusiasts. Folks against the whole online casino business think that all online casinos are fraudulent and illegal and that nothing good can come out of it. Zero tolerance to the practice of online casinos, even when its playing online casino games for free, is increasing rapidly across the world but at the same time, little by l

Online Casino News from Europe

The beginning of the new year has brought yet more news about online casinos in different countries in Europe. We first learn that those casino players who love to play online slots in the country of Belgium are not greeted with the best of news.  This time around Belgium is moving forward with its harsh and unjust new online gambling regulation, without taking into account any criticism at all. Beginning in the first month of  2012 different  Internet service providers or ISP’s 

New Slot on its way: A Switch in Time

Announced today that the group of Rival-Gaming is preparing the latest Interactive Slot (I-slot) to be released prior to Thanksgiving day next week. The new game is a travel-in-time slot with 20 bet lines, up to 10 coin bets and 5 reels that transform themselves as the player advances from one time epoch to the next.

Traveling through prehistory to the late 19th century the player experiences a new realm of slot action, unseen till today. The player is generously treated as he