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Online Slots Basics

Online slot machine games have become increasingly popular with slot players all over the internet. Even though these games look simple, there is much more than pushing the spin button and collecting your winnings. This process is much more intricate and has many variables that can really change the outcome of the game.


A typical slot machine has between 3 to 5 reels. Each reel has different paylines and each section of the payline is covered with a particular symbol. These symbols vary from cherries, bars, numbers and other more related to the specific theme of the slot game. Before a player starts enjoying an online slot machine, the first thing they need to so is select the coin value they want to play with. Players must click on the up arrow if they want to increase the coin value or press the down arrow to decrease the value until they reach the desired one. Once the player has done this it’s time to select the number of paylines. Some slot machine games come with as many as 20 paylines and selecting more lines will give players a bigger chance of winning, but in turn will cost more money.

Spinning a Slot

Once a player has spun the reels and they have come to a complete stop, the slot machine automatically checks the symbol arrangement on the screen against the various winning combinations that are depicted on the pay table. Once this is done, the machine will automatically calculate any winnings and add them to the total. The amount a player wins on any spin will be displayed and usually flashing on the window that has your total amount. The winning amount is credited to the account the moment it occurs.

Bonus Game

Almost all online slot machine games include a bonus feature. When the bonus game feature is activated, the player is taken a new and different screen that resembles a video game. The bonus feature usually requires a certain level of skill to advance through different levels and gain as many coins as possible. Some bonus game do not require any skill at all and all players need to do is sit back and collect a prize.